START DATE:  March 15th, 2021

DURATION:  6 Weeks

WHERE: NCFIT Valley Strong

New to functional fitness or wieghtlifting:

This program is a great introduction to functional fitness as we take time focusing on different skills and weightlifting techniques each class.

Mid-level to advanced CrossFitter or weightlifter:

This is a time to reconnect with some of the technical aspects of lifting that may no longer be in muscle memory.  We’ll be lifting smart again before we begin lifting heavy.


Is the Rebuild program right for me?

This program is scalable for all fitness levels. The coaches will help you determine the appropriate approach to the workouts based on your form and fitness level. Keep in mind that the vast majority of the athletes will scale the workout to some degree.

What should I expect during the classes?

Each hour-long class will be a little different, but they’ll usually contain 2 parts. Part 1 will focus on weightlifting while Part 2 will focus on integrating strength with conditioning (cardio). Each class will have a certified coach and a workout focus for the day.

Once the 6 weeks are up you’ll be back on track with your health and fitness.  You’ll feel more confident about returning to structured workouts while remaining vigilant of complexity, loading, volume, intensity, and mechanics.

Will there be a coach?

A certified coach runs every class.  They explain each movement in-detail and focus on participant’s form and technique during class.

What safety measures are taken for the classes?

Safety during these times are our first priority.  You can check out all our safety updates here

Sounds awesome! What's the cost?

The RE-BUILD Program is $300 and includes Unlimited REBUILD classes for 6-weeks

How do I sign up?

Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you within 12 hours to review your fitness goals and see if the REBUILD program is the right fit for you.

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