Our World Class Facility

We have everything you need and more to achieve your fitness goals.
NCFIT VALLEY STRONG is a world class fitness facility serving the local towns of Canoga Park, West Hills, Tarzana, Calabasas

We have the top of the line equipment and lots of it!

Our facility is comprised of over 4500 square feet and includes 3 Workout Rooms

Main Room
Where the magic happens!  Most group classes are in this room, and it’s where our certified coaches will help you with your fitness goals every step of the way!

Cardio Room
Here you’ll find all our machines designed to get your sweat on, including sleds, rowers, air bikes, and Ski Ergs.

Lifter’s Lounge
With 4 squat racks and jerk blocks, this room is for our serious lifters that want to get in those extra Oly or Powerlifting sets.

Come Visit Our Facility!